Grow Faster with a Fractional CMO/CGO.

We design, implement and manage a marketing infrastructure and an omni-channel strategy to help you accomplish your KPIs faster.

What is fractional CMO/CGO?

A fractional CMO/CGO is a chief marketing officer/chief growth officer serving businesses, startups by leading their marketing strategy, channel strategy, analytics and data tracking processes. Businesses use fractional CMO/CGO services because they do not need a full-time CMO/CGO but still require expert strategy and planning.

Businesses and startups enjoy the flexibility that a fractional CMO/CGO provides.

Often, it does make sense to bring in a fractional chief marketing officer as opposed to a full-time CMO/CGO. This can be for a number of reasons - one is financial, as a typical full-time CMO/CGO salary can cost $300,000+ per year.  Another reason is the work needed to be done by the CMO/CGO does not require a full-time position.

Why work with Audiencely?

We offer venture growth solutions directly to businesses (Early to growth stage). Our service comes in two offerings.

  • Consulting as a service (CaaS)

  • Fractional CMO/CGO (Chief Marketing Officer/ Chief Growth Officer)

Our growth solutions and frameworks are built by expert CMOs/CGOs. Our growth-focused strategic experts help you design, automate and accelerate your customer acquisition while improving your customer lifetime value and average order value.

Fractional CMO/CGO aims to optimise business multipliers

We will help you improve the number of transactions, AOV and frequency.

  • Designing an omni-channel growth marketing strategy.

  • Optimising the visibility of data tracking and augmenting it to multiple growth tools.

  • Creating a growth model and budget allocation strategy.

  • Mapping the customer journey with multiple acquisitions and retention channels.

  • Utilising marketing and email automation to increase the velocity of conversions.

  • Optimise the growth infrastructure to increase LTV while reducing CAC and churn rate.

Engage us to achieve maximum growth in minimum time

Engaging us as a fractional CMO/CGO will allow you to keep your capital free to onboard experienced implementers, enhancing the operations capability necessary to accomplish your vision.

Brands & Businesses we have worked with

Client Success Stories

The team has worked hard to implement strategies to help drive potential customers to our website, which in turn has resulted in an increase in sales.
Their attention to detail and patience in explaining the growth insights has made for a great relationship.

Anna Paola
Founder, Paolita

From generating traffic on all platforms to helping us set up great campaigns, the team has really helped us put all our customer and product data to use.
Needless to say, their work is definitely reflected in our revenue.

Tom LeBree
CEO, Beautonomy

We would highly recommend working with Audiencely, the team there helped us a great deal and were always insightful, helpful and professional.
Our sales improved over the time of working with them and the data collected gave us a scalable model to help grow our business for the future.

Gareth Emmett
Founder, Long clothing

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