Fractional CMO/CGO for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

Let our venture growth experts support and help your portfolio companies design, implement and optimise omni-channel strategy.

Letter from the
Founder of Audiencely

Your expertise lies in investing and acquiring digital businesses. The founders whom you invest in, do not necessarily come from a growth background. And thus, despite a big vision, founders fail to achieve the desired month over month growth. 

When a business is founded, the strength of the founders plays a vital role during the early stages as well as the growth stages. If the founders are from a tech background, they will build amazing digital products. If from finance, then they will set up optimised cash flow and if from investments, then the outcome will be a lucrative and FOMO driven fundraising roadshows. 

But if they’re not growth marketing founders or venture growth experts, they won’t find it intuitive to develop a multi-channel growth hacking strategy.

We have helped 100+ startups and businesses grow faster with better growth marketing strategies.

Let us take a deep dive into your portfolio and work closely with founders to improve the transactions, AOV and frequency needed to reach the growth numbers that investors / you need to see.

We do this through designing, implementing and optimising :

  • An omnichannel growth marketing strategy.
  • The visibility of data tracking and augmenting it to multiple growth tools.
  • A growth model and a budget allocation strategy.
  • The mapping of the customer journey with multiple acquisitions and retention channels.
  • A marketing and email automation strategy to increase the velocity of conversions.
  • A growth infrastructure to increase LTV while reducing CAC and churn rate.

Our onboarding process is fast and self-reliant. We can take ownership from day one as soon as we have all the necessary access, along with business and product insights from the founder or the main point of contact.

Straight and simple offerings: 

  • CaaS (consultancy as a service)
  • Fractional CMO (chief marketing officer) / CGO (chief growth officer) offerings. 

Engaging us as a fractional CMO / CGO will allow you to free up the capital from a full-time C-level hire while gaining the ability to engage the right growth consulting firm to implement an omni-channel growth strategy. You’ll get a clear customer acquisition and retention strategy designed, implemented and optimised like a well functioning product ecosystem.

Brands & Businesses we have worked with

Client Success Stories

The team has worked hard to implement strategies to help drive potential customers to our website, which in turn has resulted in an increase in sales.
Their attention to detail and patience in explaining the growth insights has made for a great relationship.

Anna Paola
Founder, Paolita

From generating traffic on all platforms to helping us set up great campaigns, the team has really helped us put all our customer and product data to use.
Needless to say, their work is definitely reflected in our revenue.

Tom LeBree
CEO, Beautonomy

We would highly recommend working with Audiencely, the team there helped us a great deal and were always insightful, helpful and professional.
Our sales improved over the time of working with them and the data collected gave us a scalable model to help grow our business for the future.

Gareth Emmett
Founder, Long clothing